• Saturday, 4. December 2021 02:35

AG North and FC1 done!


Nice Raid today, we finally cleared AG North and also got FC1 done. Just FC2 left to complete TSS!

Flagging is looking good too, we have enough flagged to get every main in and soon all boxes that want can get a flag. Even if we can't take them all with us, cause of raidsize limit it doesn't hurt to be flagged, cause in a few months we will run them on off nights :) 

That said, Mada will start offnite-raids again tomorrow, so if you want even more raiding, feel free to join those for a chance for DKP-free bonus-loot for your main or boxes. Looks like it will be Vergalid and Valdeholm on Friday and Demiplane on Saturday including some flagging if you still miss Demiplane access.

Finally 2 pictures of our today's achievements, grats all and cya:)


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