• Tuesday, 27. July 2021 08:08

Merry Xmas KM and all other muppets!


Merry Christmas to everyone, love you all.

We had an awesome year. Despite all the difficulties this year, be it with that corona crap or Raid-sizes lowering from 72 to 54 or people having personal issues, KM is doing great. We have a very healthy guild roster and even though, we're currently not actively rectuiting, we still manage to get some new members, welcome to them again btw.

I love the spirit in our guild with so many helpful people taking care of eachother, helping with epics, flagging and stuff. YOU Guys and Gals are just awesome and I'm proud to be part of it.

So have a good time during the holidays and avoid Pizzas with pinapples, cause that's just disgusting (I know some muppets will disagree, but that's fine, we're a muppet Guild :p )


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