• Tuesday, 21. September 2021 01:26

TSS inc


Sharpen your swords, polish your hammers and medd up! TSS is coming soon. This will be a great time. Finally the seemingly endless lock to lvl70 will be over and we get new things to do or even just can stupidly grind xp again. 

Thanks to everyone that stayed with us during this rough period and everyone that took a break or got bored during this grind is very welcome to join the muppet-show again. Guild-Rules have been updated to be more casual-friendly and also to welcome everyone back that left us or took a break for whatever reason.

We currently have around 30 mains average on raids and can fill up to 54 with boxes if needed, but we sure would prefer to give spots to more mains, KM will always prefer mains over boxes.

It's a good time to join or come back to the muppet show now. I guess TSS items will be expansive in DKP at the beginning, cause it's a new level of stuff and people saved their DKP for it, but once we sorted flagging and make up a schedule for the new targets, we will be also doing older stuff in official and offnite raids for people and boxes to gear up.

I'm looking forward to this and I believe in KM, it's the best guild i've ever been in. Not for efficency or doing stuff first, I actually hate the flagging race at new expansions but I sure want us to do stuff in time and asap. I really love the muppet-attitude we have :p 

So... <3 you all and cya in game, lets rock TSS:)


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