• Saturday, 19. June 2021 16:39

DoDH progression...


Hello all.

DoDH is live and KM is doing good on it, thanks everyone that helped members to get their flagging and stuff done. While we do not aim to be server-first, we still aim to get things done, and this is what we are doing. So most to all of our members should be flagged for DSK by now and we will likely complete DoDH on sunday on our first demiplane raid and get the rest of the guild flagged by next week, so everyone will be able to attend raids then.

I want to thank all of our members for working together and helping eachother to get everyone flagged and ready to raid. I am proud of being part of it and honored to be within the officers team.

That said, we are opening some recruiting again after a long time of not recruiting. The transition phase from 72 to 54 raids should be completed now and we are starting to have room for a few more new dedicated players without having to bench people. We only can take a few though atm, since we still have an average of like 48-50 mains on raids, but if someone is lf guild, dedicated and focused on a main char, you can post your application and might be welcome to join us.


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